The Dee Dee Martin Gallery, located in the historic New Orleans Magazine Street corridor, represents emerging and established contemporary fine artists.
Owner Dee Dee Martin enjoyed a very successful career for nearly 17 years in the fine art business specializing in investment art of the 17th through 20th century masters, as well as world renowned contemporary artists, but her lifelong dream was to open her own contemporary gallery featuring artists she could help launch their careers within the world of fine art.
The majority of the artists shown at Dee Dee Martin Gallery are local New Orleans artists who don't fit the typical local artists style.  They are edgy, unique and use a variety of complex mediums.  The gallery also features artists from all over the country adding to the abundant diversity.  There is nothing beyond Dee Dee's vast connections in the art world, whether you are interested in the Old Masters, Modern Masters, Pop art or Contemporary works of today, she can assist you.
The beautiful 1,700 sqft space is unlike any other gallery in New Orleans, providing its guests a cozy and sophisticated home environment to view the many stunning works adorning the walls.  
You will be personally greeted by the owner and with warm New Orleans manner, offered coffee, water, soft drinks and of course wine, beer and Champagne.  After all, it IS New Orleans.... And often you will find one of the local artists hanging out at the gallery during your visit and can discuss his or her works with them. 
You will definitely be treated to a one of a kind experience at Dee Dee Martin Gallery.  Dee Dee's knowledge of art is unsurpassed and she is never too busy to spend quality time with each person that walks through the door. 
Come in, have a drink or two, view gorgeous art, relax and let her assist you in your art acquisitions today.
We can't wait to see ya'll!~