Juli Juneau

Juli  Juneau


Juli Juneau first made New Orleans her home in 1989. In 1995 she created Nomad Collection, an import business featuring Balinese sarongs, Tuareg jewelry, and her own travel photography. She has traveled extensively throughout the world including a 2 ½ year solo adventure from Dakar, Senegal to Cape Town, South Africa. This inspiring journey through 23 African countries by land (boat, barge, train, even donkey cart – any means possible!) made the African continent and her people, music, culture, wildlife, and geography especially dear to Juli’s heart. Her glass art has a luster reflecting her spirit of curiosity.

“The organic creation of glass is part of its mystique and power: a lightening storm, a bolt ignites and a piece of glass appears -much like a genie rising from the desert sands of Africa. This magic is the lure and the passion of glass for me.”

“Blown glass is extremely seductive and attracts the feminine side of us all, yet creating these lush and sensual forms is powerful and intense. When I handle a large mass of molten liquid-glass at the end of my 5-foot blowpipe and face the blasting heat of 2300 degree furnaces, I find it a macho, masculine, sometimes Herculean task requiring every drop of physical strength and stamina I can muster. Yet, at times, my touch must be as delicate as brushing a hair from my face.”

Juli began to create her glass art in 1999. Her work is in many collections including those of Irvin Mayfield, Dustin Hoffman, Russell Simmons, Dr. Ralph & Pam Lupin, Gerry and Murray Valene, Anheuser Busch Private Collection, Lou Gossett, Jr., The New Orleans Saints’ Tom Benson Collection, and the Ritz-Carlton New Orleans and is displayed in many states around the US and in 8 countries.