Gerald Lilly



Gerald V. Lilly was born in Los Angeles, Ca in 1943.  In 1968, the former Musician, started his art career at Laguna Beach galleries.  He exhibited with “World Class Art Shows” in the late 60’s and in the early 70’s signed with famed “Fidelity Arts” in Hollywood who sold his paintings all across the United States. In 1974, he caught the attention of Old Masters renowned Art Dealer Lemon Saks of “Saks Galleries” who began representing Lilly’s art until 1984. 

Gerald traveled extensively for 35 years studying natures intimate moods.  He was and is always searching for the unusual and continues to paint rare and extraordinary original oils. 

Gerald’s paintings have graced the pages of many newspapers, magazines and TV shows, as well as top Galleries throughout the United States.  Known for his early works of Americana, in 1980 he founded, “Mountain High Arts”. A Fine Arts School to share his gift with up and coming artists.  During that time, he published his popular series “Wilderness America”, which is sold out.  In the summer of 1986, the artist moved into the Rocky Mountains to study nature intimately.  Working in his Aspen studio gallery, he created a new art form which has now become the hallmark of his talent and his trademark, “Visionary Realism.”

With majestic vistas of the Colorado high country, the artist painted landscapes which show case Mountains, Rivers, Valleys and Lakes.  Lilly’s artistry covers a wide range of mediums and subjects from watercolors, mixed media’s and oils.  The art of Gerald V. Lilly has been displayed with renowned Artists, such as Loren D. Adams, Frank Hamilton, Robert Wood and the Old Masters.  Both Artists and Art Dealers agree that his art “has a mark of distinction” and is becoming more and more valuable each year.

Three of G. Lilly’s most famous paintings have received international recognition and worldwide distribution.  In 1974, his composition, “Guided Flight” 6ft X 4ft was adopted as a poster reflecting the popular book and movie. “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” and sold throughout the U.S. and abroad.  In 1984 his large masterpiece “Freedom”, 60” X 40” oil painting was chosen as the official image for the “World Hunger Project” and received widespread acclaim with the poster prominently displayed in the Reagan Whitehouse.  In 1991, the artist released “Father Time” and trademarked the name “Visionary Realism.  In the late 90’s, he published two amazing prints, “A Glory Unsurpassed” and “Mysteries of the Rising Moon”. 

Although most of the artist’s original works of art are in private and corporate collections, the Dee Dee Martin has all remaining and new original paintings by this renowned artist.  Gerald Lilly now lives in New Orleans and paints from his home studio. 

His works are highly collected and regarded as important works depicting Americana.  He hangs in private, public and corporate collections throughout the U.S. and Europe.