Phyllis Beiser



Phyllis grew up in the swamps and marshes of South Louisiana which provided her a vast and unique world of inspiration both personally and creatively.  The richness of the greenery, vegetation and wildlife have been the things that Phyllis drew upon to create her masterpieces.  Her father, a professional trapper and outdoorsman, passed down his love and awe of the coastal environment , animals and birds to Phyllis at a very young age. His mission was always to put back in as much as he took. And, in Phyllis' words "that is what I do with my art, visually take and creatively return. It is the love of nature and wildlife, mostly wading birds and waterfowl, which inspires all of my paintings."

The Mississippi Gulf Coast has been her home for fifteen years now, and there is a never ending abundance of flora & fauna to admire with her eyes and transfer to canvas.  "Everywhere I look, there is color and life! Compositions begin forming and I fight to place on canvas that which my eyes absorb. The world around me is constantly changing and inspiring my senses, and I respond with work that is continually growing and evolving".

Phyllis' work is very detailed with just a touch of impressionism and abstract.  It is truly the perfect combination of techniques.  Her use of color is absolutely incredible and she achieves a three-dimensional effect with her amazing skill as an artist. 

Her work has been featured in Beach Boulevard Magazine, WLOX news and is on display at the Pascagoula Audubon Center. Phyllis also enjoys painting murasl and other designs, which can be seen at the House Of Blues in New Orleans, LA. and Orlando, FL.

Phyllis Beiser is definitely an artist to watch!